ACWA's membership represents over 80% of both the current and future gross value of production of Western Australian aquaculture industry, and consists of Institutions, Corporations, Aquaculture Sector Associations and individual members.

ACWA Members 2015/2016

Latitude Fisheries

Marine Produce Australia Pty Ltd

Curtin University

Dalcon Environmental

Indian Ocean Fresh

Australian Centre for Applied Aquaculture Research

Ocean Grown Abalone Pty Ltd

Andrew and Tracey Basile

Kimberley Training Institute

Amber Evans

John McGarry

Kimberley Prawn Farm Pty Ltd

Maxima Pearling Company

Batavia Coral Farm Pty Ltd

Marron Growers Association Inc

Rowan Kleindienst

Dr Richmond Loh - The Fish Vet

AMWING Pearl Producers Association Inc

Latitude Pearls

MScience Pty Ltd

David Edwards

Marine Fishfarmers Association

Global Barramundi Pty Ltd

Ocean Foods International Pty Ltd

Beta Nutrition Pty Ltd

Graeme Watt

Seafarms Group Limited

Great Southern Mussels Pty Ltd

Abrolhos Pearls (Chimere)

Cambinata Yabbies Pty Ltd

Blue Lagoon Mussels Pty Ltd

Radar Holdings Pty Ltd

888 Abalone Ltd