The Aquaculture Council of Western Australia (ACWA) is the State's peak aquaculture industry body.  ACWA is an incorporated Association under the Associations Incorporation Act 1987.  ACWA is governed by this legislation and its organisational Constitution or Rules of the Association.  Click on the link below to view ACWA's Constitution:

ACWA Constitution Oct 2016.pdf

ACWA prides itself on being a member-driven organisation that strives to ensure a profitable future for its members and a viable future for Western Australia's aquaculture industry.

The ACWA Committee of Management has developed a Strategic Plan that outlines its priorities for the next 3 years.  Click on the link below to view the Strategic Plan.


Presently, ACWA's membership represents over 80% of the current and industry earnings of the Western Australian aquaculture industry, and consists of Training Institutions, Companies, Aquaculture Sector Associations and individual members.

ACWA is only as strong as it member base and as such, ACWA continues to recruit new members to assist with aquaculture industry development in Western Australia.

Aquaculture Council - Vision

ACWA's vision is that of a vibrant, sustainable and profitable aquaculture industry in WA.

Aquaculture Council - Mission

To support ACWA members by facilitating appropriately identified and resourced projects including research, QA Programs and providing education and training.

To influence aquaculture policy and legislation by representing industry through consultative processes with Federal, State and local Governments;

To create and foster partnerships with other related organisations such as WAFIC, the WA Department of Fisheries and the National Aquaculture Council.

Aquaculture Council - Strategic Goals

ACWA's core business is Government policy advocacy - particularly those issues that companies or persons cannot influence individually, or can only do so sub-optimally.  This advocacy enables its members to focus on the business of growing fish.  Within its core business ACWA has four strategic roles:

  1. To represent the aquaculture industry in the development of legislation, policies and guidelines that govern the industry.
  2. To promote the interests of the aquaculture industry at a local, State and Federal level.
  3. To provide a quality service to its members, identify and undertake specific projects at the request of members.
  4. Demonstrate that its governance and financial practices are open and transparent and carried out in accordance with the relevant legislation and it's Constitution.