Honorary Life Members

Honorary Life Members

Following a recommendation from the Board at an Annual General Meeting the Members have the power to appoint Honorary Life Members to recognise an individual’s outstanding achievements with ACWA over time. The Constitution sets out the process for putting forward a Member for membership of this category as follows;

(a)    Any member may nominate a natural person for honorary life membership to the Board.

(b)   The Board may appoint as an honorary life member any ordinary member or associate member, or any representative of an ordinary member, who in its opinion has rendered outstanding service to the Association for a significant period of time.

(c)    A person shall not be appointed as an honorary life member until the proposal to do so, together with supporting evidence, has been submitted to the Board and is approved by not less than three quarters of the members present and entitled to vote at the annual general meeting.

(d)   No more than one person may be appointed as an honorary life member in any one year.

(e)   An honorary life member has voting rights, privileges and obligations as set out in these rules, and other such rights and obligations as may be determined by the Board from time to time that are not inconsistent with these rules, without the payment of any subscription.