The fact that aquaculture is a business is often forgotten. The ability to turn a good idea into a successful business requires adequate analysis and investigation of the technical and financial feasibility before substantial investments are made.

Decisions on investment in aquaculture need to be made on the basis of business fundamentals; as such, potential aquaculturists needs to give serious consideration to:

  • The fact that aquaculture is a business enterprise;
  • The need to have a clear understanding of the market, both in terms of demand and quality requirements and market barriers;
  • Ensuring that the technology of the farming system is reliable. If new or untried technology is to be adopted then a full understanding of the business risks need to be identified;
  • An understanding that aquaculture species are living animals or plants with special requirements, such as specific water quality requirements; and
  • The level of capital and operating funds required before a positive cash flow is reached.
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