In 2009, ACWA was successful in securing Federal Government funding to undertake project 2009/315:16 People development program: Aquatic animal health training scheme - Boosting Biosecurity Capability in Western Australia.

Principal Investigator: Susan Kueh, Director, TwoFISH5000

Planned Outcomes & Benefits:

The planned outcomes for this project were to help build technical knowledge, business systems and networks to improve response times to disease outbreaks and mitigate future hazards, by doing the following:

  • Training of industry people and veterinarians in disease investigation techniques, outbreak response and management.
  • Develop the pool of local veterinarians with expertise in fish health.
  • Strengthen the surveillance network for early detection of diseases.
  • To increase knowledge of significant diseases.
  • Online availability of workshop course materials, any protocols developed and lessons learnt, to industry at large within Australia
  • Improve capacity of local veterinarians in delivering fish health services.
  • Develop a framework for continuing collaboration, networking, increasing knowledge on disease via research at the tertiary level, and promoting the development of practical solutions to significant health issues at the farm level.

The following documents were generated as a result of this project (click on the link to download the PDF):

  1. Fish Health Management Plan Guide
  2. Fish Health Management Plan Audit Checklist
  3. Fish Health Management Review Process Form
  4. Emergency Fish Disease Outbreak Plan Checklist
  5. Food Safety Assurance Plan Template for Farmed Food Fish
  6. Standard Operating Procedure Template
  7. Flow Chart On Fish Disease Outbreak Triggers
  8. Flow Chart On Sampling In Fish Disease Investigations

The Environmental Codes of Practice for Sustainable Aquaculture in Western Australia are also available for best practice environmental management, which covers aspects of fish health and biosecurity.