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Environment Policy

ACWA members are committed to conducting all their activities in an environmentally responsible way. All activities will be planned and managed to ensure minimum environmental impact and sensitivity to the culture and requirements of the people they may affect.

To achieve this ACWA members will:

  • Incorporate the planning for and management of environmental risks into the management of all of their activities.
  • Comply with all environmental laws and regulations, industry codes of practice, management systems and where appropriate apply more stringent standards.
  • Bind their contractors to comply with their environmental standards.
  • Communicate openly and positively with interested parties on environmental matters.
  • Foster an employee and contractor culture of concerned, responsible attitudes to environmental issues.
  • Invite and address the environmental and social concerns of individuals, communities and organisations directly affected by activities in which they are involved.  This will include addressing issues such as business and other opportunities potentially associated with their business.
  • Where appropriate, rehabilitate areas disturbed by their activities.
  • Provide appropriate environmental training to their staff and contractors, including ways to understand and address public concerns.
  • Minimise the generation of waste and its environmental effect.
  • Conduct operations in an energy efficient manner.

This policy shall apply to the activities of all ACWA members and it is their responsibility to ensure its application.